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At the request of singer Yulia Chicherina Deceuninck has developed and implemented a unique engineering solution for an entrance door of her Live House. A glass door has been specially designed for Yulia Chicherina and installed in the triangular doorway opening of her countryside house. Now all windows and the door in the singer’s house are made of Deceuninck profiles.

The singer’s two-storey house has been designed as a cube with twenty four triangular openings for mirror-glass windows and a glass entrance door. The Live House, an exceptional project by Yulia Chicherina and her architect husband, gives plenty of room for creativity and leisure. It was originally conceived as an art laboratory to give inspiration, to originate fresh ideas, and to create new songs. Now Yulia Chicherina’s Live House is not just a creative laboratory, but a countryside house for back-to-nature recreation far from the urban hustle, noise, and stress.

The house’s cubic shape and triangular openings with mirror windows and a door create an inimitable atmosphere of inspiration and recreation.

All windows and the entrance door in the twenty four triangular openings in the singer’s house are made of Favorit, a premium-class profile by Deceuninck. The heat-saving properties of this five-chamber 71-mm-wide profile system are among the best, and hence it retains heat in the house exceptionally well. Owing to the fact that the glass unit locks at a height of 20 mm, perimeter condensate formation is minimal. Similar form-stable steel inserts used both for the frame and the leaf protect the windows and the door from strong and gusty winds. The profile never gets deformed or discolored either at high or low temperatures.

This unique multifunctional Favorit profile system was developed specifically for local conditions. Its design takes full account of all particulars of the Russian climate, including frost, short but extremely strong heat, temperatures going through the zero point back and forth, as well as intensity of the use of profile systems and high aesthetic requirements of consumers with regard to windows’ and doors’ exterior.

The windows in Yulia Chicherina’s house are made of mirror glass and weigh 150 kg each. The windows’ large area ensures unique illumination in the house and creates a sense of unity with the surroundings. The light penetrates from all sides, while the mirror-like surface of the windows reflects the natural beauty of the rising sun or the flames of sunset.

The square-shaped entrance door in the triangular doorway opening is made of shockproof hardened glass and enclosed by a reinforced-plastic transparent prism. It is worth noting that Yulia Chicherina had first installed an ordinary metal entrance door in her house. However, it failed to fit in the overall concept of the Live House, and the singer decided to replace it. She turned to Deceuninck for proposals on a glass door in a triangular opening. Deceuninck developed several technical solutions, and upon agreement of the singer made and installed a new entrance door as a logical completion of the house construction. Yulia Chicherina finally decided in favor of a square door in a special enclosure and highly praised this product. The idea was realized in cooperation with Deceuninck’s partner, Plastcom Plus.

“Our house had a lot of light, as a third part of the walls is occupied by windows. But we didn’t really like the old iron door that blocked the sunlight. Deceuninck proposed an interesting solution for this door, and now the house looks just as I intended it to look, sunny and creative”, says Yulia Chicherina. “This house based on the principle of a LEGO set is built of large heat-saving blocks that we quickly assembled ourselves. The triangular wall-height windows are made of Deceuninck profiles. These are the widest profiles that we were able to find, and accordingly they retain heat best of all. In the outcome the house has turned out to be very warm: we came here several times amid the strongest frosts this winter and some wood burnt in the fireplace was enough to keep the house warm for several days. Last summer we installed an ordinary iron door, but it looked wrong and didn’t match the mirror windows, and the idea lacked a sense of completion. While now, with this door installed, our idea is completed. This is like a final brush-stroke for the house, and now it’s time for decoration work”.


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