Lingzidi Bridge

The bridge is designed to reconnect the nearby walnut orchard so that produce could be harvested and transported so that the local economy of the villagers would be re-instated. The concept was to create a bridge that was a singular loop that would link two levels of the riverbanks with an additional arm that would connect to the river. The bridge can be a social hub for the village providing steps for seating, shaded areas for relaxation and as a meeting point for trade and commerce. The bridge is constructed from cast-concrete that is dyed with black pigment to distinguish itself from the typical grey concrete of the highway viaduct that sits adjacent to the crossing and to give it a distinct identity.

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    Wow didn't expect to see such a modernized beautiful bridge in the middle of a non-heard of Chinese town (I lived in China for 13 years). Applause to the architect!
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    Lingzidi Bridge Lingzidi Bridge Lingzidi Bridge Lingzidi Bridge Lingzidi Bridge Lingzidi Bridge Lingzidi Bridge
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