Lily Hill House

Lily Hill House is a 19th Century Country House sited within the grounds of the 9.3 hectares Lily Hill Park located in the North East of Bracknell. The house was originally built by William Vincent between 1849 and 1850, with the surrounding park being completed in phases over the following 30 years. The park itself is a popular tourist destination consisting of woodland walks, parkland and formal gardens.


The remodeling of the buildings consist of bringing together the new two storey office to the North West corner of the house and the original house by the sympathetic and unifying entrances to both. This has provided open plan, air conditioned, office space and the insertion of a large double height atrium located between the existing fabric of the 19th century house and the new office building. 


The result is a restrained but unifying approach to displaying the access to two quite different structures but, at the same time, giving cohesion to the whole.


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