Lille Stranden 3, Tjuvholmen
Arkitektkontoret Kari Nissen Brodtkorb AS Residential building ; Lille Stranden 3, Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway. The building features a mixed mode of usage which is typical of the area: 63 apartments of between 46 and 182 square metres in size have been installed on the 10 upper floors, while the ground floor accommodates shops and two restaurants. Tjuvholmen peninsula, on which the Aker Brygge district extends into the fiord, served for over 200 years as a harbour, dockyard and industrial area. A new city district is to be created from ground up here, following the example of the extensive neighbouring Aker Brygge district. More than 100,000 square metres of residential and 12,000 square metres of retail space are planned, plus offices and hotels. The Lille Stranden 3 building is one of three corner buildings belonging to the first construction block. It has been deliberately avoided to close the triangular site with a sharp-edged colossus that imposes itself on the cityscape. Instead, the eleven-storey building is made up of small units and sports an unusually open appearance. The design originally bore the working title “Complexus`, which alludes to its diverse use of space, but it also translates the term “embrace`: two structures interlocking to form a composition, leaving an array of open views, terraces and loggias all over the resulting ensemble. The architecture evolves in dialogue with directions of movement, embodying a journey through space of diverse proportions featuring variations of light and shade, different materials and details. The contrasts provides the building with character. With the interplay of room, space and the surroundings, - between the private interior sphere and the outside public environment , - the building is anchored to the city web and bring about mutual vitalization. From the main entrance to the 63 apartments, the approach leads through a green courtyard and over bridges with changing views of the dock, the square with a fountain, the canal or the fiord - a fascinating sequence of different insights that reflects the variety offered by the building itself. The facades of Lille Stranden 3 make up a systematically designed collage of different materials. The outward-facing facades representing the building’s “public face` have been rendered in various colours, while the recesses incorporating the openings and loggias are lined with fire-impregnated, stained cedar wood. Developers: Selvaag Gruppen and Aspelin-Ramm Gruppen, Oslo, Norway Architect: Arkitektkontoret Kari Nissen Brodtkorb AS, 1359 Eiksmarka, Norway Location: Tjuvholmen, Lille Stranden 3, Oslo, N Contractor: Selvaagbygg AS, Oslo, N Color consultant for facade: artist Bente Tønnesen, Oslo, N.


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