More of a destination than a sculpture, the LightScraper is a towering vortex of visuals and sound feeding off it’s surroundings. The LightScraper is a custom built aluminium structure, fabricated with a layer or semi translucent mesh. The structure can be easily erected in various compositions in an outdoor or indoor setting. 

Melbourne-based interactive design company ENESS created the LightScraper for this year’s Rainbow Serpant festival in Beaufort, Victoria.  Using Realtime 3D graphics and human motion-tracking technology the structure fully interacts with its surroundings.  Acting as a giant music box, the LightScraper’s apex hosts infrared cameras, tracking site visitors and translating movement information into musical melodies and eye-catching visuals.  Constructed using custom-build aluminum and semi-translucent mesh, ENESS’s structure is easy to build and can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings.


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