Life Proposal In Kadikoy

Kadikoy sali pazari (kadikoy public bazaar) contains an effectively used, dense bazaar that fills two days of a week. But on the other weekdays, percentage of usage highly decreases and the area turns its function as a car park. A kind of a ‘neighborhood’ that is self-sufficient and holds its own special facilities that also works for out of the neighborhood is proposed to enlarge the u sage of area to whole week and remain the usage level of bazaar in its normal. With a minimum touch to the area’s existent dynamic usage it is targeted to make the area to use bazaar as it was used before. To realize this the facilities that contains other functions are generated as dynamic structures these can be disappear and reappear. Some permanent functions are moved to underground. This new founded system lives in its own arrangement and disappears when bazaar, festival, etc. constructs itself on the area. Settlements that are established ob ground, underground and zero level, are lifted upwards, on balloons over cylinders. There occur underground facilities, which contain support systems of balloon units and permanent functions. Other kind of dynamic balloon systems supports the life on zero level. There is no state of belonging in the neighborhood. Houses are used as accommodation units. Offices are shared. Boundaries of people are negotiated. Every situation can be temporary. A temporary life style is proposed. ‘Neighborhood’ separates itself from its environment. Balloons and underground facilities are arranged as ‘islands’. Every island has its coverage area as deformed circles and these turns to ramps and zero level functions. Balloons are settled on a steel cylinder structure and its volume can be adjusted. They contain house, office or shared facilities. These volumes use underground as their support systems. User storage, café, spare time spent areas, storage for bazaar sellers takes place in underground areas. Nearly at the middle side of the project area a media center with a restaurant and bar is situated. Music and video studios, cinema, library and exhibition areas are settled here in this area. These dynamic systems consume high energy. These days, bazaar is settled, population and human movement rise. Conversion of human movements to electricity can be used for this high-energy need. With inspiration of Piezzo electricity effect, that generates electricity from pressure, a steel grid module covered by tartan is proposed as the ground cover. Balloon units take place over steel hydraulic lifting system. Sanitary ware and the platform are static and permanent even balloon is not inflated. Balloon inflates and an extra inflatable floor takes part. Water pipes, electric and data cables Is in the hydraulic cylinder. A hydraulic lift is also used to get in the balloon unit.


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