Lia Manoliu Stadium

The National Stadium (2 August 1953 - 22 November 2007) was a multi-purpose stadium in Bucharest, Romania. The stadium held 60,120 people.

It was built in 1953, for the 4th World Festival of Youth and Students. According to the book Bucuresti published in 1968 by Institutul Proiect Bucuresti, Complexul Sportiv 23 August was designed by the well known architect Vily Juster.

It was first known as Stadionul 23 August, and later on as Stadionul Naţional (National stadium). The sports complex that included Naţional Stadium, is named Lia Manoliu after the famous romanian athlete.

It was used mostly for football matches.

It hosted numerous concerts after the 1989 Revolution, including Michael Jackson's Dangerous World Tour concert on October 1, 1992, as well as the HIStory World Tour concert on September 14, 1996. Some 70,000 people attended the concert, which was also the only one to be broadcast live by the HBO channel; it has since been the highest rated program to air on HBO and had the largest TV audience in history.

In October 2005, it was decided to rebuild the stadium completely; however, initially no funding was found, so some repairs proceeded in lieu of rebuilding. Later, funds became available and the rebuilding is expected to begin in November 2007. The plan calls for completion of a new five-star arena by April 2010. The last football match played was a 6-1 win against Albania on November 21, 2007. After the match, a few seats were removed from the stadium, as a symbolic start of the rebuilding operations. The stadium has subsequently been demolished to make room for a new one.

Romanian national football team

The following national team matches were held in the stadium.