Levanger Hospital

Levanger Hospital (Bokmål: Sykehuset Levanger) is a hospital located in the municipality of Levanger in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. The hospital is located along the road Kirkegata on the west side of the town of Levanger.

Along with Namsos Hospital, this is one of two hospitals in Nord-Trøndelag county. Both are managed by the Nord-Trøndelag Hospital Trust. Levanger Hospital generally serves the southern and central parts of the county.


The decision to build the hospital was made in 1840, and it was opened in 1844. On 1 April 1844, Peter Wilhelm Kreidahl Dietrichson was appointed as the chief physician of the hospital. Former names for the hospital are Nordre Trondhjems Amts Sygehus på Eidesøren (North Trondheim county's hospital at Eidesøren) and Innherred sykehus, the latter name was used until 2002.