Leicester Town Hall
Leicester Town Hall in the City centre of Leicester, England. Built between 1874 and 1876 in the Queen Anne Style by Francis Hames, it was built on the former cattle market. Before it was built the Guildhall acted as the town hall. A welcoming building set in a square which contains an impressive fountain. The building contains Leicester Bike Park. On the first Wednesday of each month,a free tour is given by a Blue Badge tourist guide.This starts at 2pm and lasts up to 2 hours and concludes with tea and biscuits in the Lord Mayor's Tea Room. Contrary to the notice board outside,visitors do not need tickets for the tour. Some history is given of the building, details of previous Lord Mayors etc. and one can visit the former courtroom and the current main council chamber. Leicester Town Hall covers an area of nearly 7,000 m2 and claims to be the most energy efficientin the UK following a £80,000 investment in 1994. The installation of a number of energy-saving measures has reduced heating costs by more than £13,000 in less than ten years.

Town Hall Square Fountain
Leicester Town Council accepted on 29 October 1878, "a handsome ornamental fountain to be placed in the centre of the land fronting the Town Hall Buildings" which was a gift to the Borough from Israel Hart, a former Mayor of Leicester. It is constructed of bronze-painted cast iron, Shap granite and Ross of Mull granite. Francis Hames, the architect of the town hall, also designed the layout of Town Hall Square and the fountain, which was unveiled by Sir Israel Hart on 24 September 1879.

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