LeGore Bridge
Begun in 1898 in Maryland, the LeGore Bridge construction was completed and opened to the public in 1900. The operation was run by the owners of the LeGore Lime Company, James William LeGore and his company Advisor, Eugene Hammond. It is 340 feet (105m) in length, 27 feet (8.3m) side and 64 feet (16.7m) high, positioned at 39°35'N 77°19'W. The intentions of the bridge's construction were to consist of several purposes including:
  • Hydroelectric Dam for an electric railway that went from the Nation's Capital to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • State owned road to travel across the Monocacy River
  • Transport of limestone from the LeGore Quarry to sales companies in Pennsylvania.
Although all but one of these projects were aborted, the LeGore Bridge is still used for everyday transport. The five arch limestone bridge was restored in 1981. It is most definitely one of the treasures of Woodsboro, Maryland history.

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