Legacy Corner
Legacy Corner and Da Vinci Hotel and Suites - Sandton CBD, Johannesburg, South Africa Legacy Corner is a mixed use lifestyle development situated on a very difficult corner site, alongside the Nelson Mandela Square in the heart of the Sandton CBD, Johannesburg. Construction commenced towards the end of 2008 and the mixed use development opened in early May of 2010 in time for the World Cup being held in South Africa. The development consists of three retail floors, The Legacy Corner Mall, two of which are direcly linked to the Nelson Mandela Square retail levels. The upper level mall is anchored by the Maximilien Restaurant which operates as the hotel restaurant as well. Four levels of parking are located below the retail levels. Above the Legacy Corner Mall are six floors of the new Da Vinci Hotel consisting of 167 rooms, a Spa and Gym facility, a reception area, an outdoor heated swimming pool and hotel lounge linked directly to the pool and reception areas. The luxury Da Vinci suites are located above the hotel on the next 5 floors incorporating both full serviced self catering hotel suites and private residences. The developer allowed investors to the apartments to place their apartments in a hotel pool which is then managed by the hotel below as fully services suites. There are 54 apartments located on these residential floors. The top two floors are reserved for four luxeriuos penthouse suites. The penthouse duplex suites are in excess of 600 m2 each and afford the owners the highest standard of living, security and privacy whilst being located in the heart of a city CBD. Part of the brief for the development was to maximise all possible bulk on the very difficult site. The greenfield site was the last portion of land on this city block and required careful planning to incorpoarte the mixed use components required. The clients brief was also to incorporate sustainable design principals given the very tight budget, and especially due to the fact that the local energy utility could only guarantee some 90% of the original power requirements of the devlopment. Technologies included the location of as many solar panels on the very small roof which assist with the central boiler requirements of the building. Heat exchange systems are further installed to capture as much excess hot water energy from the chiller units on the roof - again to assist with the hot water requirements of the apartments and hotel rooms. The heated pool is also heated utilising a heat exchage system from the AC chiller units. Services for the mixed use development proved a major challenge as all apartments, the retail levels and the hotel are sectional title components requiring their own accessible services. All external services have been located on the very small roof footprint. The development resembles an alien machine when viewed from adjacent buildings given the array of solar panels, services, organic shape and equipment which have been located onto the roof. An integrated building mangement system has been installed to assist with managing and monotoring energy consumption levels of the building. The design of the building is contemprory with the inclusion of traditional materials such as the stone cladding wrapping around the base of the building on the first three floors. The facade is a mixture of sun louvres protecting the bulding from the north western sun, performance glass as required and tinted plaster brick walls. The interior design to the building is spectacular with the interior designers opting for a classical black and white contemprory theme which the architects carried to certain elements of the building. The development has been weel received and will prove very succesful for the developer, hotel guests, shoppers and peoples of Sandton alike.


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