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All the urban plan was created in a cellular matrix brougt by the water lilies abstraction where all the ground flax access housing units, loghether with all the sports. agricultural and public spaces set in water, like floating water fly pad. In this sense all the apartment housing blocks are the exceptional forrre with a more vertical assumption. and that are also related with the concept representing the abstraction of the Water lily flowerin this way it was possible to bring together all the new residential habits and the natural /rural preexistences, creating a sustainable residential system in harmonious coexistence with the urban and natural environments.Through the juxtaposition . overlap and repetition of the floating cells we were able to organize and develop a unique residential and corrynon environment with high integration of water. green spaces and agricultural areas.The reed to combine and establish environmental relationships within the study area and the city of Leeuwarden. led us to a cellular organization. created fron the abstraction of a water lilies set.Our proposal design was based in this concept. trying to develop a new parallel urban system.This living in water organisms are in their essence specimens that naturally make a bridge" between water and land worlat developing a particular and sustainable ecosystem. Simultaneously the floating water lilies are also a recognizable icon of the Friesland province identity.We have tried to form an interactive balance among all the premises and found in nature a conceptual framework that served as a starting point for the formalization of our urban housing plan. The floating water lilies The design of the proposal was instinctively developed wider basic and determinant asnergotims reflected from the local Water. rvrality. urbanity and cultural habits and traditions.

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