Le Terrazze

 The “Le Terrazze” complex is the second great episode of planning, after Next 2, the multifunctional building already realized by Marco Piva in Osaka, In Japan: it is a building studied like structural skeleton inside of which the customers can project for himself same apartments articulates on more floors and make straongly personal spaces.

The “Le Terrazze” complex is a residential building with some functions for the collectivity like auditorium for cultural manifestations, exposition spaces, wellness center, restaurant, bank, playing space and library for children, travel agencies, showroom, shops and professional studios.

These structures have been studied in order to not only combine inhabitants of the complex, but also in order to facilitate the existing relationships between building, city and territory. The topic of the strengthening of the social relations between the inhabitants is particulary obvious in the structure into the court of the building that remained to the residential traditional structures.

All the complex is connected by balconies and terrazzes that allow to walk on more floors looking the internal court. But in the project The “Le Terrazze” complex, the court concept has endured one ulterior transformation, assuming the aspect of one great hall covering with glass to the level of the roof.
The existing structural mesh of pillars and beams characterizes strongly the facades. The complex, with the scenic effect of the structural elements, plays with transparency and the opacity thanks also to the choice of the materials of covering and external finishes, with particular attention to the green areas and to the lights effects. The “Le Terrazze” complex is, therefore, a space opened to the city that it offers to the own customers at the same time privacy and personalizes spaces.

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