Le Nuage

Le Nuage (The Cloud) cabin by Zébra3/Buy-Sellf was designed for the Urban Community of Bordeaux (CUB) and is located in the Lormont commune just outside the French city of Bordeaux in south-western France.

It was originally designed as an art installation and is now used as a rural shelter for holidaymakers. "Sleeping in a comic-­style hut [...] is a unique urban experience," said Zebra3.

The cabin is made from softwood, plywood, plexiglas and glass‐fibre reinforced plastic. It is painted white to look like a fluffy cloud and has thin slanted windows that offer views across the countryside.

Sitting on the side of the French lake and surrounded by leafy hills, the playful cabin shelters up to seven people.

It provides only bare essentials such as bedding. The cabin does not provide any electricity or water.


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