Lawrence Technological University

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Lawrence Technological University
The University Technology and Learning Complex, recently completed, is the new formal gateway building to Lawrence Technological University and the centerpiece of its campus. The new Complex provides campus-wide services, updating and expanding those of current teaching facilities with state-of-the art classrooms, learning laboratories and facilities for long distance learning. The project has also resulted in a redesign of the central campus as a pedestrian focused quadrangle.

The complex offers comprehensive facilities for learning in an electronic environment with fully wired classrooms, a virtual reality lab, an advanced graphic lab, a lighting lab, electrical engineering and computer labs, a photography studio, and TV production and broadcasting studio space. It also offers a major exhibition and lecture room, an office of the future, a resource center with a 15,000-volume library, conference rooms and office spaces.

The ground floor lobby announces the building's focus on technology with an information commons that offers computer stations available for campus information, group teaching and individual research.

The four-story, 135,000-square-foot building extends between the one-story Architecture and Engineering Buildings, its length interrupted by a grand three-story portal that acts as the school's formal entrance and leads to the campus quadrangle. The building materials are white ceramic tile, aluminum, corrugated panels and zinc shingles.

The initial analysis of the building site also resulted in a complete transformation of the campus plan. Formerly, the main road continued through the middle of the central quadrangle, impeding pedestrian flow among the main academic buildings.

With the introduction of the Technology and Learning Complex, the road now circles the campus perimeter, with parking relocated to the edge. The result is a pedestrian quadrangle, with the Technology and Learning Complex completing its architectural frame. A new landscape plan features tree-lined paths connecting the buildings that border it.


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