Latyan Dam

Latyan Dam (Persian: سد لتيان sad-de latyān) is a dam located less than 25 km from Tehran. It is one of the main sources of water for Tehran metropolitan region.


Jajrood River basin is located in the southern part of central Alborz mountain range, the rocks of which date from the Palaeozoic era up to the Quaternary period, as below:

  • Palaeozoic era: The dolomitic rocks, sandstone and limestone. Belong to Devonian, Carboniferous and Permian periods.
  • Mesozoic era: The sandstone formation and limestones of Teriace and Shemshak (Lower Jurassic) coal formation with sandstone and fossiliferous limestones belong to this era.
  • Tertiary period: starts with lower and middle Eocene limestone layers with nummulite fossil and continues with the Alborz green layers. (Green tuffs) which is an indication of submarine volcanic, eruptions and were belongs to upper Eocene.
  • Quaternary period: The basaltic masses in the alluvial deposits which cover a big area in the region belong to this era.
Location within Alborz Range