Lancaster Station is an Amtrak railway station and intercity bus facility located at 53 McGovern Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The station is located at the north end of the city, roughly a mile from downtown Lancaster.

The station building was constructed in 1929 by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Currently owned by Amtrak, the station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Lancaster City Historic District. Composed mostly of brick, the station's main entrance features concrete columns and large, rounded windows, giving the station a stately appearance. The interior contains standard amenities such as restrooms and seating areas in the second floor waiting area. It also has a small snack bar open weekdays during high passenger volume periods. The locals know the station best by its Christmas lights inside behind the frosted glass ceiling that stay hung all year long.

Lancaster Station is served by all Amtrak Keystone Service and Pennsylvanian trains. As of April 2007, there are 14 weekday and 8 weekend departures. Primary cities served on Amtrak to and from Lancaster include Philadelphia, Trenton, and New York to the east and Harrisburg, Altoona (Pennsylvanian only), and Pittsburgh (Pennsylvanian only) to the west. Both staffed and Quik-Trak machine ticket service are available for all departures. There is also an intercity bus operator, Bieber Tourways & Trailways, that provides service to the station. Bieber Tourways connects Lancaster to York and Harrisburg to the west and to King of Prussia and New York to the east, as well as many cities and towns beyond those listed via transfers.

The public transit operator in the Lancaster area, Red Rose Transit Authority, has one metro area bus (Route 3) that stops along McGovern Avenue next to the station and a few county-wide buses operating north of Lancaster city that stop within two blocks of the station. Red Rose Transit also provides shuttle service (Red Rose Trolley) to downtown Lancaster.

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