Lakewood Stadium is a 10,000 seat stadium located in the Lakewood Heights neighborhood of Southeast Atlanta, Georgia. The stadium is one of two stadiums owned and managed by the Atlanta Public Schools system, and it is also the largest. The other stadium is Grady Stadium. Lakewood stadium was the first high school stadium in the state of Georgia to have artificial turf. In 2005, the turf was replaced with a brand new synthetic turf called field turf. The field was replaced by the Sports Turf Company, Inc, located in Whitesburg, GA In October 2006, Lakewood received an Honorable Mention in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution as one of the top 10 high school stadiums in the state of Georgia. During the 2009-2010 Lakewood Stadium will undergo and renovation upgrade As chosen by the voters of Atlanta, Lakewood was picked as the 4th best stadium for high school football in the Atlanta metro area. As the largest stadium in the Atlanta Public Schools system, it essentially has been the home field for several future NFL players, including Jamal Lewis and Ahmad Carroll (Douglass High), Lawrence Smith (Booker T. Washington), Kelly Campbell (Mays), Greg Favors (Southside), Kelvin Pritchett (Therrell) and Super Bowl XX most valuable player Richard Dent (Murphy). Lakwwood Stadium has been used in commercial shoots and currently for the BET tv show The Game.

Building Activity

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