Lakeside Retreat

Our approach to this heavily wooded and steeply sloped family retreat on Lake George was to create a series of smaller buildings rather than one large structure. The buildings include a main house, recreation building, two guesthouses, a garage and boathouse. Visitors entering the site, park their cars at the garage from where they take small electric vehicles thereby reducing car usage, pollution and congestion on the site. The main house and recreation building are nestled into the slope with flat roofs that tie into the natural landscape. The flat roofs provide outdoor terrace spaces that can be used for concerts, games and gatherings. Upon approach from the drive, the buildings appear as landscaped terraces through the trees. It is only upon the last hundred feet Matte buildings begin to reveal themselves as they protrude from the land. The unique positioning also minimizes their visual impact from the lake.

The buildings become a play between landform and building, built and natural environment Within the buildings,there is a constant play with the ground plane between inside and outside so thatfrom any level you can step out onto grade. Theroof of the boathouse is a large terrace and spills into the water in a series of stepped terraces that can be used for sunbathing and relaxing.

From an environmental standpoint, the green roofs help mitigate the storm water runoff as well as help insulate the buildings. The wooden screens in front of the windows will act as shading devices to control solar heat gain.

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