La Mansion de Barrio Amon

La Mansión de Barrio Amón is a house that is located in Otoya District in the northwest of San Jose, Costa Rica. This district is an extension of the Amón District, that was the first residential district of San Jose at the end of XIX century. The house has an area of construction of 549sqm (5842,68 sqf), has a neoclassic style in its facade, a frontal garden surrounded by a wall and iron bars protect it from the outside, important characteristic of this period that has prevailed to date. The house is of two levels; in the interior there is a vestibule that works as an axis route that distributes to all the rest of the spaces in the house. Originally it was composed by kitchen, breakfast area, dining room, living room, bar, guests room, terrace, warehouse, service room, patio, laundry and exterior corridor in the first level, in the second level it had two bedrooms, a family room and a study. The construction is quite old, walking through it we see it has had some changes over the years; therefore we must understand that this whole house is full of memory that is breathed through its walls, details, mirrors, among others. The first thing that we decided when we initiated this project was to maintain its architectonic wealth and to integrate new concepts to its internal spaces. From these spaces the internal vestibule and its patios were preserved which fill of light their rooms, also several of the furniture, the majority of its decorative details like trimmings, cornices, ceiling, that are allusive to their time. Since this house has been converted into a small hotel, the decoration has been very detailed for each room. Each space has a characteristic of its own, obtaining therefore a satisfactory mixture of the New with the Old thing. It is important to mention that this district represents one of the few cases of the architectonic and historical legacy of the beginning of the century that still exist in our country. We have demonstrated with this project that old buildings have the flexibility to change, with time in their use and significance, but their very own essence is always present in the architecture and memory, which is why people perceive many things when they visit it or pass by.


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