La Llotja Theatre and Congress Centre

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La Llotja Theatre and Congress Centre
mise-en-scène The 13th century Seu Vella cathedral and the Segre River create the frame for Lleida’s new cultural landmark, La Llotja theatre and conference center. Built upon the bank of the Segre, just at the edge of the city center, La Llotja visually links these high and low points of this mise-en-scène. An urban rebranding of Lleida, La Llotja plays to the rugged surrounding environment and the more gentle fertility of the region. Strategically located in view from the new high speed train, the building can now be identified with the city. foyers The building’s stone façade sprouts seamlessly from the Spanish earth and echoes the ancient stone ruins which dot the urban landscape. A large roof terrace and cantilever influence the building’s horizontal form and are a genuine gift to the people of Lleida. An event square which overlooks the river provides a stage for the theatre itself, with the stairs of the adjacent building seating for a public audience. Parking is underground and truck loading is on ground level with the theatre stage, dressing rooms and restaurant kitchen. The entrances to the theatre, which also serve as a large conference hall, meeting rooms and a small conference room are located in the foyer. The latter is visually connected to the multifunctional hall by means of a raked tribune separated by a glass wall. The press office, VIP rooms and a meeting centre are situated on the city side of the building, accessed by an internal corridor. The entire functional logistics for the theatre and the conference centre are situated inconspicuously yet functionally. Restaurants with bars face the river and the square. The monolithic building is in fact composed of different pieces of buildings linked together by sound-absorbing foyers. roof garden Materials such as stone, hardwood and glass ensure distinction and orientation in the interior. The theatre is playfully elegant with chairs the colours of the local fruit and walls like a stage set with dark wood in which back lit trees have been carved out. Thousands of orchard leaves on the ceiling light the hall. Pergolas on the roof support a range of creepers and climbers like roses, jasmine and ivy, beautifully keeping the building cool in the summer, and hosting sweeping views over the city.


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