La Defense Offices
The office complex is located in the business district of Almere-Stad, behind Central Station. The map shows a neutral, rational layout view of four, partially connected, varying in length beams. These masses vary in height from 5 - 6 to 3 to 4 layers, the height of the beams have led to sharp bevels. These are one of the iconic features of the complex forms.

The other image-defining aspect is the bright, iridescent inner area. While the outer walls consist of aluminum plating and silver glass, the interior walls are made of a glass cladding which has a film that, according to lighting and perspective changes color.

Two large openings in the exterior facades of the buildings that make a relationship with the underlying residential area and park. The increased area within the complex remain hidden if not for the environment, but reveals itself from a distance.

The building will be used by several companies, so there are five color-coded entrances so that maximum accessibility and a flexible use of office is possible.

There are 500 parking spaces at ground level and -1, part of which can be used by the general public.
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