Kurobe dam
The Kurobe Dam ( 黒部ダム ? ) or Kuroyon Dam ( 黒四ダム ? ), Japan's largest dam , is on the Kurobe River in Toyama Prefecture on the island of Honshū. It generates electricity for the Kansai Electric Power Company. It stands 186 metres (610 ft) high and holds 200,000,000 cubic metres (260,000,000 cu yd) of water. Its construction, completed in 1963 at a cost of 51.3 billion yen, claimed the lives of nearly two hundred people. A film, Kurobe no Taiyō (黒部の太陽; literally "The Sun of Kurobe"), starring Yujiro Ishihara (the late brother of Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara), recounts the drama of the project.

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