Kunsthaus Graz

The Kunsthaus Graz opened its doors in 2003, the architectural pièce de résistance of Graz’s year as European Capital of Culture. The biomorphous building designed by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier—known locally as the Friendly Alien—has since become an attraction for art lovers and the culturally minded from all over the world. But it has also become an essential landmark in the urban identity of the city of Graz. As an exhibition centre for contemporary art, the Kunsthaus exhibits Austrian and international art from 1960 onwards. Its BIX media façade—designed by Berlin designers realities:united—constitutes a unique fusion of architecture and media technology. Effectively a large screen in the middle of the city, it acts as an instrument of art communication.

The designers of this project created an impressive synthesis which unites their innovative design language with the historic setting of this urban district along the Mur.

The aesthetic dialogue between the new biomorphic structure on the bank of the Mur and the old clock tower on Graz’s famous Schloßberg (Castle Hill) is the trade-mark of a city aiming to create a productive tension between tradition and avant-garde. In content as well as from an urbanistic point of view, the new Kunsthaus Graz acts as an interface between past and future. On the occasion of the European Cultural Capital 2003 activities, the City of Graz was giving itself the Kunsthaus, a gift for the future.

Functionally and technically, the Kunsthaus meets the most up-to-date requirements for museums on the international loan circuit. Its 11,100m2 of usable space provide everything its managers need to participate in the global exhibition business on the highest level. An innovative and cost-effective air-conditioning system meets all the demands of the most important art owners.

A generous delivery area, depots and workshops, and modern lighting and security systems are available to ensure the professional handling of exhibition projects. The underground car park offers space for 146 vehicles. As a multi-disciplinary venue for exhibitions, events and other means of presenting contemporary art, new media, and photography, the Kunsthaus Graz has a complex palette of features and functions. While the building’s interior is meant to inspire its curators as black box of hidden tricks (Colin Fournier), its outer skin is a media façade which can be changed electronically.

Description: the Joanneum - mother-museum of Kunsthaus Graz


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