Kumsusan Memorial Palace

The Kumsusan Memorial Palace, sometimes referred to as the Kim Il-sung Mausoleum, is a building located northeast of downtown Pyongyang, the capital city of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). The palace is the former official residence and office of North Korea's president and founder, Kim Il-sung. Following Kim Il-sung's death in 1994, his son and successor Kim Jong-il had the building renovated and transformed into his father's final resting place. Inside the palace, Kim Il-sung's embalmed body lies viewable inside a clear glass sarcophagus. His head rests on a Korean-style pillow and he is covered by the flag of the Workers Party of Korea.

The palace is situated in a secluded area in Pyongyang and is only accessible to foreigners on Thursdays and Sundays on official government tours. Photography, videotaping, smoking and talking are not permitted anywhere inside the palace. It is fronted by a massive square and is bordered on its northern and eastern sides by a moat. Of the extant mausoleums dedicated to Communist leaders, Kumsusan is the largest.


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