Kubik Wien
For the very first time in Austria & the very first time in winter, Balestra Berlin in co-operation with Festakt Eventagentur, present the latest kubik light room installation set against the back-drop of one of the most well known landmarks in Vienna – the Votivkirche. The kubik light room installation was created by Balestra Berlin as a club concept designed to energize disused urban spaces around the world by creating a unique fusion between water tanks, light shows and electronic beats. Stacked up tank-walls illuminated in different colors are composed to a piece of stunning architecture, which interact with the beats of music. This unique object of design generates a vibrant sensation for audiences and has been celebrated in 22 times in different cities around the world. Positioned on a 1m high podium, 152 tanks have been ornately arranged to create a light room installation constructed purely from arches. Two industrial containers placed at opposing ends of the podium host the bars, DJ & VJ. The illuminated water tanks are wrapped around the containers and extend into a tunnel of archways each separated by a symmetrical distance. Beneath the archways, visitors have the cozy feeling of being in a room finding shelter under the illuminated kubik ceiling whilst simultaneously the room remains open to its surroundings & visitors. kubik wien creates interactive picture frames and doorways to the stunning architecture that the city presents. Open for a temporary period of time kubik challenges the cities use of public spaces setting the discussion of how modern temporary design & architecture can compliment the ornate, historical Viennese architecture without trying to compete with it. We aim to offer the citizens of Vienna a new perspective on the use and appreciation of their city by giving them a new way to enjoy their space in the seasonal party period. kubik will close with what promises to be a spectacular New Years Eve party, teasing in 2011.


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