Usually technical utilitarian objects use to be hidden, undercover, to avoid them in the architectural environment. Therefore such buildings are designed and constructed as a residual, because customer believes it is not primary to the overall ensemble of architectural and natural environment. Also because of the construction and technological standards that kind of building can not be under the ground, and it is not possible to place it on the upper floors. It is one-floor building that by the design standards should be located on the surface of the earth. Also, the building should be located separately and with a separate entrance. This facility is a pumping station, boiler installation and device for cleaning the air. Total area 36 m ². In this project of technical installations Kotelnaya we have tried to integrate all that into the environment. The building is located in Russia, Moscow region in the Pirogovo resort, near the golf-club and the picturesque golf field. Surrounded by trees: pines, white birches, apple trees, shrubs, and rose hips. Constructions of buildings made of reinforced concrete. The facade of the building hanging wooden tubs made of larch, and they planted with flowers and plants. The facility resembles a green Brancusi sculpture. Over time, it must fully cover with green vegetation. In summer, this facility will become a green sculpture, in the autumn " yellow-red, then defoliate and turn under a white winter blanket of snow, and in spring it will bloom again, together with the surrounding trees, shrubs and flowers. Execution of technical installations in the environment in such a way shows their close relationship and interaction. Environment enshroud facilities, turning it into a green sculpture and art object, and makes it part of nature.


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