Konacik Retail Center
The retail center that has been designed to build in Konacik, known as one of the most important commercial districts of Bodrum, is one of the EAA projects by means of which the building bylaws of Bodrum have been problematized again. These were accepted as a precipitating factor of a building type which called “Bodrum House” because it has been continued espeacially in this region in east coast and which derives its building scale from a convention that has been accepted as widespreadly in coastal regions of Akdeniz. The description of building bylaws were accepting as the most important reason of monotony of the building environment, due to a three dimensional envelope and the proportion of full and empty spaces that it defines whatever the program, building technology, topography that the building contains and location of it according to the sun and wind. The project consists of the commercial units, fulfilling the whole necessities of building bylaws with their structural features and the distance they have to keep between themselves and a semi-open cover serving as a pergola. The concepts of light/shadow, space/interspace have been considered as the most decisive factors of a retail center in an area with hot weather conditions like Bodrum. All of the shopping units under the cover have been fronted to the commercial axis extending on the the East-West direction. By means of the open spaces on the cover it was provided to get the natural light inside and to reduce the building costs. The inner gardens where the original olive trees of the land have been reevaluated and the inner pools are some of the cooling instruments that were used in the project.


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