Kona House
The house is located in the middle of a black lava desert on the northwest coast of an island called "Big Island" in Hawaii. From the site of the house, wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean can be enjoyed.

The clients, a couple of Americans in love with the Mexican contemporary architecture and the work of Legorreta + Legorreta since many years, contacted us to design their rest house.

In the design process, the views, the contact with the sea and the nature had great importance, as well as the relation between the interior and the exterior. For those reasons, the house is characterized by its simplicity, its patios, as well as the use of the water in pools and water mirrors.

The house was mainly designed on one level to stay in close contact with the site. From the street, an access tower can be viewed which leads to an interior patio with a big water mirror and an inverted black lava pyramid. With this design, the patio becomes a sculptural space. From here, you can go to the main space that is the social area, the living room and the dining room, or, can go to an apartment that consists of a living room, a dining room, a little kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom, or to stairs that take you to one of the bedrooms of the upper floor.

From the patio, because of the relation between the interior and exterior areas, the Pacific Ocean can be watched through the living room and a terrace.

The living room is a space of great height that is characterized by its curved ceiling that seems to be floating. From there, you can enter, towards the left, to the master bedroom, an office and two guestrooms, one of them floating on a black lava water mirror and the other, in a second level, with a terrace that enjoys the views to the maximum. Through a gallery you arrive to a pool with a bougainvillea colored vault.

The water, in its different representations, water mirrors, pools and sea, is always included in the design.

For the interior of the house, several pieces were imported from Mexico: the stone for the floors, stone tables, washbasins, onix lamps, as well as other elements.

The process of design and construction was very stimulating.

Legorreta + Legorreta enjoyed working with a great team, American specialists of all the disciplines, achieving a house of an impressive quality.

One of the most valuable elements of this process was the great friendship that settled down with the clients.


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