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"GLASS STRATUM" This corporation has factory and office in the building and makes geophysical instruments for obsreve wind and rein and so on. This building is three stories high and one basement floor. The third floor has office and meeting room. The second floor has a room for designers. The first floor has making room. And the first basement floor is for pack and ship. And the roof is one of important space of this factory because this space usually use for confirm products,obserbe climate and experiment and develop new products. This factory has a word of its motto "Nature is treasure" I designed with this motto as the basic concept. For example, many kind of sizes and textures glass blocks and galvanized H-steel were piled up horizontally makes image like earth stratum layers. These stratum layers means history for over 50 years. And use some colored glass blocks meaning respect the earth and nature, green for wood reaves, blue for sky air, orenge for the sun light. Glass brocks bring much light to inside of the building for workers,especially delicate assembly task. And perhaps they say that too large and too many sheets of glasses makes worse interior environment but glass blocks are not because they have air the inside of each glass blocks,and the air is almost vacuum void. This building has a frame made of galvanized steel pipe 210 millimeters in diameter for fix geophysical instruments on the roof. This frame has a figure of pyramid, it means a cosmic space and send existence of the corporation all over the world. And I hope the happy future of this corporation through the architectural design.


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