Knit Atelier-House
In the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, one of the most popular districts in Berlin, the plot is located inside an existing housing block, (that was bombed in the Second World War) The unique situation of this project is the location in front of an old cemetery that now is used as a friendly and silent park. The aim was to fill the old comb structure with a building for a DJ who wants to have living and working space there. The volume of the building respects the urban circumstances and closes the old housing block structure. It also adapts the typical idea of Berlin housing blocks that have a strict outside boundary and an inside of different courtyards. The inside of the volume is designed with horizontal and vertical courtyards that are connecting the different areas of working and living. The working zone is like a cocoon stretching along the whole building connected the living areas. The inhabitant can experience the continuous connecting between these two zones in the hole building. The dynamic spaces inside allows for various activities to take place on different levels in visual contact with each other. Inspired by the surrounding park where the old trees set their mark on the whole space, the structure of the building comes from the transformed shadows of the trees that are falling of the surrounding houses. After analyzing the shadows for 24h the shadows, the natural looking forms are transformed with a branching L-System into structure. This fractal forms create the main concrete structure of the building, where the spaces in between are filled with different; green, metallic or glass panels. The inside space depends to the fractal structure and offers diverse space situation, with wide opened and low ceiling spaces. It also offers excellent daylight conditions and the structure appears as a modern interpretation of the park trees. The volume of the building depends to the urban city structure and the interior and the fractal façade respects the trees of the bordering park. The building understands its surroundings to distinguish itself and transform from a simple form to a powerful symbol, controversial, but ideal to lodge and work in this new space.


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