KMD Domicile

KMD is located next to one of the main roads leading into Aarhus and has accordingly been designed to be discernible at high speeds. The area is filled with newly built domiciles, which all want every body’s attention. KMD achieves this by its whiteness, which lights up against the green lawns and the gaudy facades of the surrounding buildings, and also by its many distinctive windows, which spread across the facade giving the building a strong graphic expression in combination with the organic shape of the lay out. The windows have different sizes, shapes and forms. They are set deep in the façade and the sills are painted grey to enhance both the feeling of depth and their graphic impact against the chalk-white background of the facade.

Inside the building all offices are well lit with light both from the multiple windows that neatly frame the outside world, and by the large skylight following the basic shape of the building.

The amorphous design of the building is repeated in the interior, which is characterized by meandering walkways lined with heavy pine lists, which surround a large central atrium, offsetting the glass encased meeting “boxes”. The house is divided into a public ground floor, where you can see up to the first floor and a second floor with large open offices, which all face towards the central atrium

Building Activity