Kleť Observatory (Hvězdárna Kleť) is an astronomical observatory in the Czech Republic. It is situated in South Bohemia, south of the summit of Mount Kleť, near the town of České Budějovice. Constructed in 1957, the observatory is at an altitude of 1070 meters (3510 feet) and has around 150 clear nights per year.


Astronomer Antonín Mrkos worked here from 1966-1991.

Two main astronomers who currently work at Kleť Observatory are Jana Tichá and her husband Miloš Tichý.


The observatory has two primary telescopes:

  • 1.06-m KLENOT telescope (since 2002)
  • 0.57-m f/5.2 reflector (since 1993)

The asteroid 7796 Járacimrman was (re)discovered at Kleť Observatory on 16 January 1996 by Zdeněk Moravec and was designated 1996 BG. It was observed until April 1996 and then in June and July 1997. It was discovered to be a lost asteroid which had previously been observed twice: at the Brera-Merate Observatory in northern Italy on 12 December 1973 and at Mount Stromlo Observatory (near Canberra, Australia) on 8 and 9 July 1990.

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