Kitchen of Elements

Kitchen of Elements Air, Water, Fire

Project Description

This kitchen is located in a small family flat in Istanbul/ Turkey. The main inspiration of design is the dynamic nature of kitchen environment. A kitchen space is the most mysterious space among the other rooms in a residence. In this space materials, scents and flavour mix and blend. A kitchen is a place that provides an opportunity to any ordinary person to become an artist.“Kitchen of Elements” inherits the elements that exists in a kitchen and uses them as an inspiration substance. In Japanese philosophy there are 5 elements that shape the world. These 5 elements which are Chi (earth), Ka (fire), Fu (wind), Sui (water), Ku (void) describe interactions and relationships between phenomena. A standard kitchen includes fire, wind and water elements in order to function. The transformation and interaction among these elements shape this kitchen.“Kitchen of Elements” is composed of modules. At first these modules are imagined identical. Later they change their shapes based on their function and elements they are interacting with. For instance the curvature of the module interacting with fire is as fast and drastic as fire element whereas the curvature of the module that is interacting with water element is soft and smooth. Red and white colors are used on these modules to emphasize the interior and exterior spaces these modules create. In total the kitchen is composed of 8 modules. The single curved surfaces of the kitchen are constructed using thin layers of plywood glued up on each other and molded by negative and positive sides. The radius of these single curved surfaces is identical which is beneficial from the construction cost and manufacturing point of view. Flap fitting type cabinet doors are used right above the counter to avoid any interruption on the work flow while the doors are open.

Designer’s Profile

Seda Zirek received her architecture degrees from Yildiz Technical University and Columbia University. She worked as a designer and architect at Gage/Clemenceau Architects, Rafael Vinoly Architects in NYC and Zaha Hadid Architects in London. She instructed courses and invited to reviews at Yale University and Pratt University. Currently she lives and works in London.


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