Kisiizi Hospital
Kisiizi Hospital, is a hospital in the town of Kisiizi, in Rukungiri District, southwestern Uganda.

Kisiizi Hospital is located in the town of Kisiizi, approximately 22 kilometres (14 mi), by road, south of Rukungiri, where the district headquarters are located. This location is approximately 46 kilometres (29 mi), by road, north of Kabale, the largest city in the sub-region. The coordinates of the hospital are:00 59 45S, 29 57 44E (Latitude:-0.9956; Longitude:29.9625).

Kisiizi Hospital is a community hospital, funded by the Church of Uganda, under the North Kigezi Diocese of the Church. It is one of the forty eight (48) Non-Government Hospitals in Uganda. The hospital was established in 1958 and has operated continuously from the day it was founded. The bed capacity of Kisiizi Hospital is 250. The hospital is a fee-paying hospital, although no one is turned away due to inability to pay. The fees collected from the patients cover only about 40% of the total hospital expenses. To supplement that income, the hospital operates several other businesses whose revenue augments the hospital's financial and social responsibilities. The hospital also receives charitable contributions from supporters within Uganda and from overseas. These hospital's other businesses include:
  • Kisiizi Hospital Primary School
  • Kisiizi Hospital School of Nursing
  • Kisiizi Hospital Power Company, the operator of Kisiizi Power Station, a 300kW hydroelectric project that supplies the hospital and the town of Kisiizi.