Kish Ladies sea coast complex
Project objectives Creating a covered-secured area along the sandy beach of Kish island, for ladies. Enabling women to use the beach and the sea privately, while respecting Islamic regulation, is the main incentive of this project definition. Location Northern coastline of Persian Gulf. East cost of the Kish Island. End of Andisheh boulevard. Design criteria - Creating a memorable place and a pleasant ambiance. - Using new technologies and materials. - Using modular components in order to maximize use of pre-fab elements and reduce insitu construction activities. Geometry In a plan view, an arc of 300m length with a 112m radius introduces the overall shape of the project. The covering membrane is placed on the height of 8-18m from ground level. 23 structural supports divide the whole covered area in to 22 equal parts. Each part is designed as a basic module. Central angle of the sector is 145.2°, hence the angle between each two adjacent support is 6.6°. Each support consists of two parts: a V shape concrete wall-column and a cantilever steel space truss. The dimension and geometry of space truss is designed to fulfill following requirements: - Transferring horizontal forces, due to membrane tension, to concrete wall-column elements. - Carrying the whole weight of membranes and other elements as well as wind forces (in all directions) and safely transferring it to concrete supports. - Achieving a simple shape for membranes, the lower member of two adjacent trusses is parallel with a distance of 10m. Therefore the covered area between two trusses is a 21×10m2 rectangle, with a 34.7° rotation. The geometry and dimension of V shape wall-column concrete support is designed to fulfill following requirements: - Matching the connecting points of space truss. - Providing sufficient weight and stiffness to withstand against overturning displacement and deformation of system. Each structural support is based on a strip reinforced concrete footing, laid on 6 prestressed reinforced concrete piles, each having a length of 8 meters and driven to the rigid lithophytes layer. Because of special shape and situation of the whole structure, and to determine the design wind pressure for wind ward and lee ward on the membrane, the model of this project was tested in the wind tunnel laboratory of Aerodynamic Eiffel (Paris- France). Material Structural supports are combination of reinforced concrete and galvanized steel. FERRARI textile code 902 was chosen as a light covering membrane. All textile panels are 3×10m2 rectangles which are fixed next each other as a louver, in order to block the outer sight and present a pleasant view from inside. The enclosure wall is made up of thermo wood panels with steel structure. A steel fence is built at the outer boundary of the site to provide more privacy. General description This project is the first phase of a sea coast complex, which is predicted to host 400-450 guests daily. The next phase is to complete and equip the site with other facilities. The first priority is the main building which includes main entrance hall, lockers and changing rooms, showers and administration rooms. The inner area of the concrete wall columns will be equipped for various function such as washrooms, shops, coffee shops and fast food restaurants, prayer room and …. .A small swimming pool and some sport and gym equipments will be added in future.


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