Kirya Tower
The Kirya Tower (also known as the HaYovel Tower) is a skyscraper in Tel Aviv, Israel. At 158 m (42 floors), it is the fifth tallest building in Israel. Construction was completed in 2005. The tower is located opposite Tel Aviv's tallest buildings, the Azrieli Center complex, and is occupied largely by government offices. The tower has a helipad on its roof. It was originally planned to have 28 floors, with the additional 14 floors being approved during construction. 13 of these top floors are used for private sector offices, and the top 11 floors have floor-to ceiling windows. An external elevator serves the uppermost floors, and an underpass connects the building with the tower's underground parking. The tower was designed by Peleg Architects. The rent being paid by the government is for $16/sqm per month for the next 20 years.


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