Kinloch Castle
Kinloch Castle ( Scottish Gaelic: Caisteal Cheann Locha), located in the Isle of Rum, Scotland, was built as a private residence for Sir George Bullough, a textile tycoon from Lancashire whose father bought the Isle as his summer residence. Construction began in 1897, and was finished in 1900. It is now managed by the Scottish Natural Heritage, and additionally supported by the Kinloch Castle Friends Association, a registered charitable organisation set up in 1996. The castle also appeared on the BBC television series Restoration as part of a bid for funds to restore the structure, reaching the final stages of the competition. Although it did not win the competition, its cause has since been taken up by The Prince's Regeneration Trust, a charity founded by the Prince Charles which promotes heritage-led regeneration schemes. Funds are being sought for an £8 million scheme to restore the castle. It has also been featured in a 2008 issue of Architectural Digest magazine. A section at the rear of the castle operates as a hostel for visitors to the island. Guests have a choice of bunk rooms for around £14 per night, or can upgrade to one of a handful of "Oak Rooms" complete with four-poster beds. The hostel area is kept separate from the museum rooms of the castle, though guests are invited to take a one-hour castle tour for £6. The tours largely aim at day visitors and are timed to coincide with ferries where possible. Highlights of the tour include the under-stairs Orchestrion mechanical music system, a variety of gifts from the Emperor of Japan, and a selection of "gently pornographic" art.