Kingsland Bridge

Coordinates: 52°42′16″N 2°45′32″W / 52.70444°N 2.75889°W / 52.70444; -2.75889

Kingsland Bridge is a privately owned toll bridge, spanning the River Severn in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. It is located near Shrewsbury School and the cost for cars to cross is 20p. It is a Listed Building, Grade II.


A bill promoting the toll bridge was first introduced to Parliament in 1873, and eventually passed in 1880. The bridge was designed by Henry Robertson, who was also M.P. for Shrewsbury, and built by the Cleveland Bridge & Engineering Company, who also built bridges such as the Victoria Falls Bridge. The bridge spans 212 feet (64.6m), and comprises two metal arch ribs, from which the main bridge deck is hung. It cost £11,156 to build.