King Arthur's Hall

Coordinates: 50°34′6.32″N 4°38′32.63″W / 50.5684222°N 4.6423972°W / 50.5684222; -4.6423972

King Arthur's Hall is a megalithic monument on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England, UK. It is thought to be a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age ceremonial site.

The monument consists of fifty-six stones arranged in a rectangle with a bank of earth around them and measures approximately 20m by 47m. The interior fills with water and a contemporary ground level has not been established. It has suffered damage by cattle in the past and is now protected by a gated fence. It can be reached by footpaths east of St Breward.

The surrounding area contains many stone circles, hut circles, cairns and cists.

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