Kildare County Council Offices

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Kildare County Council Offices
This project is formed around the public space of the people, the civic garden. A slowly inclined ground plane gradually ascends from the street creating a civic amphitheatre for Naas. The sloped amphitheatre is an “event surface” expanding the public realm of the town and opening up the entire site to the town.

The two bars that form the civic offices enclose and are a continuation of the civic amphitheatre. Their inclined facades form a seamless continuity with the grass surface so that building and park no longer read as two distinct elements but rather combine to create an outdoor room. The “event ramps” that connect the bars have transparent facades


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  • dowling MAN
    dowling MAN commented
    yeah yeah nice building but a total waste of Irish taxpayers' money and useless to the residents of Naas.... How did this thing get the go ahead when there are massive derelict commercial sites in the same town, an abandoned shopping centre... these areas need to be developed. The town looks like a sh!th0le. Priorites askew.
    about 4 years ago via
  • chris quinn
    chris quinn updated
    about 5 years ago via
  • ivormac
    ivormac commented
    The internal space is very well considered. The external space does not engender any feelings of space that is open to the people of Kildare. It is a limitation of the site that the open space around the building is not used by the public. Access and location count against it.
    about 7 years ago via iPhone