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Project goals and emergencies 1 - Create an environment for understanding and trying to keep children's literature and literature Ratqa’ this section you 2 - to communicate with children and respond to the needs of this sector 3 - deficient professional spaces in relation to children and children's literature 4 - Vayjad creativity to help children learn as a future nation builders 5 - to help promote cultural 6 - Create an exhibit centered literature for children and adolescents. 7 - to help shape your thinking in this new section of the literature. 8 - correct thinking patterns and correct orientation in shaping the character of this age group. 9 - Create a research about this type of literature. Oral litrature, a motion from past to now that still going on and in some cases it has been powerful than written litrature three versatile lines that create volume and landscape and in this design the emphasis on colours is based on kids psychology , Also using green architecture by roof gardens and green trass . Motion and the formation of these lines by design elements and concepts based on the transmission of cultural movement that is done between two generations. And move through the cultural implications of this transfer takes place .. In this project, you first line the ground began to move and move off the line and riding paths are formed inside the site. And the general form and the collection site is formed. Materials selected for this line is exposed concrete materials and color psychology and color trends Braasas most children in three colors, red, green and yellow to orange. With studies in this project has been analyzed and drawings of children was determined that most children tend to color .


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