Kfar Hamaccabiah Hotel

In the heart of "Kfar Hamaccabia" lays "Kfar Hamaccabia Hotel" that was planned in the early 80' by Tito Architects as a luxurious guest hotel. The hotel was planned to open up to the view of Kfar Hamacabia, create minimal partitioning between the outside and the inside and induce a light and gentle feeling. The old hotel terraced facade lays in a graceful corner dipped in grass and trees. The hotel has a trapezoid section and its facade is divided to vertical and horizontal elements. The new hotel was planned with the thought of merging with the existing structures' architectural language and to create a harmonious facade to the structures while using modern materials such as steel, aluminum, and glass. The curved vertical columns create the feeling as though going backwards. The terraced edges of the hotel and the sequence of patios combined in the new building, correspond with the style of the existing hotel. The new building is joined in the foyer of the existing hotel in a way that the amenities in the new and old buildings will serve both. The foyer and reception area was planned to rise up to the height of three stories and be in the area connecting between buildings in an equal distance to the elevators, and so a fair common area was created for the service of both buildings. In the new structure, motives from the world of sports were combined to integrate it with the sporty manner of Kfar Hamacabia. Elements such as steel columns , and aluminum coating, that creates the sense of a sprots stadium. In the hotels' lobby exists an area dedicated to sports and spa, it is arranged in a form of two wings surrounding an inner green yard. One wing has a bar area where one can sit and rest, as well as a sports restaurant. The other wing was dedicated to sports and leisure and includes a gym, treatment rooms, therapy and massage, wet and dry sauna and a Jacuzzi. The two wings are connected with the main elevators and stairs area. The main guideline for the planning of the suites was to create a warm homely atmosphere; the hotel has 7 floors of luxurious suits. The terracing in the edges of the building was planned to enable bigger porches with an outside private Jacuzzi to the larger suits.


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