Kensington Krystal
The Kensington Krystal is mainly an office building with a small amount of retail space. The total GFA is approximately 60,000 square meters and the construction is due to be completed in Mid 2012. The estimated project construction cost is approximately AED 700 million (US$ 190.6 million). Inspired by Orphic Cubism (Section d'Or), Kensington Krystal is a sculptural form that utilises a multi-facetted facade to create a dynamic relationship between the Building, the City and the Sea. The viewer engages in the composition and composes the scene. The traditional reflective glass tower has been re-assembled to exaggerate the relationship between Light and Geometric Forms. Due to the variety of angled planes, the reflections that would be produced by a rectangular building during the course of a day are now present at a single point in time. Furthermore, movement around the building offers a greater variety of experiences and the connection with the viewer is dynamic, rather than a static interaction. A ‘schism’ of white glazing responds to the main thoroughfare of the city passing through the centre of the form. This emphasises the cubic reconstruction of the traditional building form and is exaggerated by an illuminated Red feature during the night to emphasis this narrative. During the daytime, the emphasis is returned to the play of light and form. The form of Kensington Krystal is an expression of pure lyrical abstractionism; simple, elegant, dynamic yet with sufficient narrative depth to maintain interest. The building is required by the local planning authority to achieve a Silver LEED rating; however, due to the orientation and Mechanical/Electrical systems used, Kensington Krystal is expected to achieve a Gold LEED rating. This grade A office tower will incorporate all the latest intelligent building features including building Automation System, Office/Communication System like raised floor and high-speed back bone network, Security and Fire Automation Systems etc. The structure of the tower is basically adopting a central structural core with inclined columns located at the perimeter of the floor plate plus some local cantilever to handle the various projected planes. The objective for Kensington Krystal is simple and clear. It is to optimise the development site, create efficient office spaces, provide simple way-finding, create a sustainable building, and contribute to the built environment through the addition of a sculptural form. The subtle relationship with reflective light through the use of angled facades defines Kensington Krystal place both in the Social and Physical context.


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