Kaymakli house
The area in which the building is located can be described as an urban development area. A rapid growth exists in this region due to the reproduction of self repetitive squares. The thought process exercised during the formation of this building focused on being reactive to this rapid development. Or, it can be said that; this approach intended to contrast to quadrangle forms. The building is located in the city centre and this area has continuous intense traffic flow. The plot shape is thin and long. Therefore, the form of the building separates the inside and the outside. ‘Inside’, refers to private zone of the building. Three dimensional shaping of the shell is associated / shifted with the land’s form (level). This shell integrates all the spaces such as the living space on the ground floor, night spaces on the first floor and the hobby room on the second floor. Furthermore, besides providing form to the outside, the shell also contributes to the interior spaces. In Cyprus, part open spaces are rather useful due to the climate. The private zone of the building, also named as the ‘courtyard’ integrates with the living spaces. Hence, it becomes a part of the daily life. This is achieved by the terrace spaces which are planned in such a way that the user would feel comfortable with respect to sunshine and wind. The scenario in living spaces is holistic and flows into each other. The openings within these spaces provide different perspectives to the view around. These openings offer a dynamic expression to the building from the outside. Local stone has been used on the south elevation. This stone has a high insulation characteristic. Moreover, this particular stone gives a sense of belonging to the environment. The aim of the design is to provide a different approach in the rapid evolving urban development. In this context, the highlights of this project focused on the sense for the land shape and characteristics, use of environmental data (sun and wind) and interpretation of the local features with a contemporary approach.


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