This is a boutique project for 'Karis' in a shopping centre in Hiroshima.

The space is for shopping but also for holding events. 

The concept of the store is space that is changing its view or atmosphere depending on where you are standing, such as caves or limestone caves. At some points the place offers a view to the end of the store, and also it has an area surrounded by the inner partitions. The experience walking through the artificial yet random space would be close to something like walking in nature. The purpose of the design is to offer a new shopping experience that people could see products through strolling in nature.

The materials of the partitions are paper tubes that are storng and easy to work with, and moreover, they are using them for tubes to roll up clothes in.

The tubes are layered randomly as to produce uneven surfaces and creat arch shapes as partitions for the store. because of the arches the store creates varoius spaces that are irregular and complex, just like caves in nature. The boutique could be used in different ways with the unique characteristics of the partitions through a year. 

We believe that the store would be a chance to find a new and fresh relationship between people and products.

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