This article is about the Moscow Metro station. For the tank division with this honorific, see 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division.

Kantemirovskaya (Russian: Кантемировская) is a Moscow Metro station in Tsaritsyno District, Southern Administrative Okrug, Moscow. It is on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line, between Kashirskaya and Tsaritsyno stations.

Kantemirovskaya opened on 30 December 1983 as part of an extension but was closed the very next day because of flooding. It reopened on 9 February 1985.

Kantemirovskaya, having been designed by R. Pogrebnoy and V. Filippov, is a shallow one-vault station with benches and signs attached to pink marble pillars situated along the center axis of the platform. The walls are faced with brown marble. A set of sculptures by A.P. Kibalnikov is located at one of the platform's ends.

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