Kalamata International Airport

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Kalamata International Airport

Kalamata International Airport (Greek: Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Καλαμάτας) (IATA: KLX, ICAO: LGKL) is an airport in the city of Kalamata, Greece. It mainly receives charter flights during the summer.

The airport is located between Kalamata and Messene on GR-82 (Pylos - Kalamata - Sparta) and west of the train tracks on the Pamisos River plain. The runway is about 2.7 km long and runs from north to south from the highway north to the plain. The terminal lies to the east and is accessed with GR-7/E55/E65 (Kalamata - Tripoli - Corinth).

Military Base

There is a military base of the Hellenic Air Force and an air-training department to the west of the runway. Hellenic Air Force uses the same runway as the commercial airplanes.

Incidents and Accidents
  • On 16 October, 1971 an Olympic Airways NAMC YS-11 was hijacked. It had departed from Kalamata International Airport to Hellinikon International Airport. All 64 passengers survived. One hijacker demanded to be taken to Lebanon. Plane stormed and hijacker arrested. Duration of the hijacking was less than 1 day.
  • Main Article: Aircraft spotting: Legal ramifications. On November 2001, fourteen plane spotters (12 British and 2 Dutch) were arrested by the police after being observed taking photos of the Air Force Base.
  • 1959 - Kalamata International Airport opens
  • 1986 - Charter flights begin to operate out of the airport
  • 1991 - New aircraft terminal was built
  • 1991 - Operated by Hellenic Civil Aviation
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