Kaggen office building
Kv Kaggen, the office block at Västra Hamnen in Malmö The building was commissioned by NCC and half the area houses their new regional office. Tomorrow’s staff will be mobile. Their work will not be confined to a particular location but will be done wherever the staff are at a particular time. At home, while travelling, at the office. The office will become more of a rendezvous where people can meet colleagues and clients. Kv Kaggen is therefore set out like a diagonal landscape with an atrium that rises through the entire building. From the exterior this is expressed in the façade which gives the building its character. Seen from the interior, the atrium with its expansive terraces provides the link between the open floor levels. This creates the criteria for spontaneous and planned meetings as well as an overview and sight lines between the different departments and companies. Trends come and go. Different ways of working also demand different types of workplace. The only thing that can be reliably foreseen about the future’s way of working is that it will change. The building we construct today needs to be flexible. The structure of the building permits different types of office layouts. The main principle will be open plan offices that are sub-divided into smaller units. The intention is to achieve a creative working environment with favourable opportunities for cross pollination and allocation of resources between different departments. The ecology has evolved through the gestation process. The building is made of glass and concrete which we consider to be obvious materials. The entrance façade comprises a glass section in different colours and opacity. This gives the building’s inside and outside a life that reflects the seasons, time of day and the weather. The building’s other façades are made of concrete. The concrete is cast against an epoxy mould in order to achieve a smooth surface that reflects the light. The raw concrete in combination with high-tech aluminium sections form a contrast while, at the same time, the materials complement each other. Kv Kaggen is certified as a Green Building. This means that the building will use 30 per cent less energy than similar conventional buildings.


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