Ka'upulehu Beach Club, Phase 1

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Ka'upulehu Beach Club, Phase 1
As it goes, the Ka’upulehu Beach Club, on the island of Hawai’i, is a relatively small project at 11,200 square feet. Its presence however, as the social gathering amenity for this residential resort, on this dramatic black lava coastline, on Kahuwai Bay, captures the core spirit of this exquisite natural tropical environment for its members. Our design philosophy for this project was to continue the tradition of tropical island architecture begun by the migrating peoples of Polynesia and the Spice Islands -- the ancestors of Hawai’i. Within these cultures a sense of craftsmanship was developed with materials at hand. The architecture for this project was conceived as a series of open air tropical pavilions evoking a sense of familiarity by reinterpreting traditional forms. Exposed timber trusses were designed consistent with island scale and massing within a contemporary context. Details were designed to support the minimal architecture-as-shelter approach. Finish materials of cedar wood, iron wood (Ipe), stone and concrete were selected for character and durability. Ka’upulehu Beach Club Phase 1 includes Bar and Dining Pavilions, tiered Swimming Pools with Sun Deck, an Event Lawn, Auto court and Garden Entry, Kitchen, Back of House and a Service Yard. This phase of the project was completed on time and on budget. The overall Ka’upulehu development is comprised of 80 residential lots within a 485 acre property. Planning for Phase 2 of the Ka’upulehu Beach Club includes a golf course, Entry Pavilion and Concierge, Retail Pavilion, Cardio Pavilion, Spa, Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms, Trellised Shade Pavilions, a Keiki Pool, and expanded Kitchen and back of house. de Reus Architects and Ka'upulehu Beach Club Phase 1 were honored with a 2009 Award of Merit at the AIA Honolulu 2009 Design Awards.


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